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2022.02 Exit 36 Improvements & Pavement Rehabilitation MM 35.5 to 36.2

Construction Contract Information
Pike Industries
Bid Amount: $4,029,941.25
Projected Completion Date: May 26, 2023


Project Scope: The Exit 36 Improvements and Pavement Rehabilitation work consists of milling and paving the Exit 36 interchange ramps and I-195 eastbound and westbound lanes, construction of acceleration lane shoulder, slope repairs, drainage improvements, guardrail improvements, median grading, highway lighting and electrical service, and culvert removal with stream restoration in the City of Saco, Maine.

The intersection modification work at Exit 32 consists of reconstructing median islands on the Route 111 approaches, changing the turn lane configurations and relocating two signal mast arms.

The work at Exit 42 consists of relocating the mast arm in the northwest quadrant of the intersection to a new foundation.

The Exit 25 Paving work consists of milling, paving, and striping the northbound toll plaza approaches.

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