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2019.11 Northern Bridge Repairs

Construction Contract Info
Contractor: Scott Construction
Bid Amount:  $3,568,852.00
Projected Completion Date:  June 13, 2020

Project Scope
The project consists of bridge repairs and modifications to bridges in Gray, Lewiston and Litchfield, various culvert repairs and the construction of Emergency Vehicle Ramps in New Gloucester. The work includes jacking the superstructure of Route 26 Bridge to increase the underclearance over the Maine Turnpike, pavement and membrane replacement, concrete deck, parapet, fascia, fascia overhang, pier, and abutment repairs, concrete wingwall, headwall, and culvert wall repairs, bridge joint repairs, protective coatings, approach work and paving, guardrail, bridge rails, and the maintenance of traffic.

The work also consists of constructing Emergency Vehicle Ramps from Bennett Road to the Maine Turnpike at Mile 68.6 in New Gloucester. This work includes clearing, excavation, roadway earthwork and pavement, guardrail, fence, and the maintenance of traffic.

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