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2020.03 Mainline Widening & Safety Improvements (Mile 43 to Mile 46.4)

Construction Contract Info
Contractor:  Shaw Brothers Construction, Inc
Bid Amount:  $28,189,638.60
Projected Completion Date:  November 30, 2021
Widening near Exit 44
Project Scope: This project consists of constructing an additional travel lane on the Turnpike mainline in both directions from mile 43 in Scarborough to mile 46.4 in Portland. This includes additional roadway work on the northbound off ramp at Exit 44. The existing configuration will be widened by one lane to accommodate a two-lane exit ramp from three mainline travel lanes.

The contract also includes: embankment construction, roadway pavement construction, culvert installation, culvert slip lining, concrete median barrier construction, bridge abutment slope protection, sign structure installation, striping, highway lighting, and guardrail installation.

The work also includes the maintenance of traffic during construction.

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